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Get a globally-recognised certification from the world’s best teachers.

Your dream life starts here

This is the real deal. We know it takes more than a weekend to become exceptional. That’s why our courses take you through 150 hours of immersive, quality training, with ongoing support after completion to get you teaching confidently.

Start anytime, teach anywhere

Choose your start date (how about now?) and take the course at your pace. With six months access to the online modules and an easy-to-use app, there’s no rush. Finishing a lecture while you’re in line for coffee? Diving into anatomy during your commute? That’s multitasking we can get behind. You’ll also receive a physical manual with over 100 pages of repertoire and magic. We teach you the art of sequencing and class planning, so you can design your own unique classes and teach anywhere in the world. Portugal sounds nice.


Deep training, ongoing support

Our training is not a crash course. You’ll be guided through hours of comprehensive content including videos of every exercise, practice teaching and reviews, to ensure that you graduate fully equipped to teach exceptional classes. You can ask questions at any time and they’ll be answered by our lead trainer almost immediately. You’ll also gain lifetime access to our Facebook community of trainees and graduates. It’s one cool club.



You know what’s better than a certificate? Having a certificate that can open doors to studios across the world. (That’s some Harry Potter level magic, right there.) With a Barre Body Teacher Training certification under your belt, you’re equipped with a globally-recognised, industry-respected qualification. Regardless of whether you choose to train online or in-person, you’re in safe hands. Our courses have been registered by leading health and fitness bodies around the world, where you can claim professional development points upon certification. Apart from being some nice numbers and letters after your name, these stamps of approval mean you’ll be free to teach – fully qualified – wherever you choose. With industry connections and deep studio relationships in every corner of the globe, you’ll also have access to our little black book to start teaching in your dream studios.



At Barre Body, we’ve been running studios and Teacher Training programs for over a decade. Having trained tens of thousands of in-demand instructors, we know what “good” looks like. We also know what “completely, utterly, blow-your-mind incredible” looks like. And that right there, is our Teacher Training team. When you train with Barre Body, you’re being taught by the best the industry has to offer. With a wealth of experience and hundreds of years of experience combined, your team forms the Encyclopaedia of Pilates. But not only that. They also happen to be the best type of people. They won’t turn you into a cookie cutter graduate – they’ll turn you into the best version of you. Uncovering your unique magic, unleashing your creativity and figuring out what will make you stand out in this competitive industry – that’s what our team does best.



Graduates from the Barre Body Teacher Training program tell us, “I felt so supported along the way,” “I have never felt more prepared and knowledgeable,” and “The course is INCREDIBLE!” (Always in all caps.) And while that never fails to bring a smile to our faces, you know what we enjoy more? Hearing their stories of success. From Belgium to Byron, from Bendigo to Baltimore, our graduates make up the best type of a global family. One made up exclusively of love and support, with no Christmas holiday dramas. When you join that family, you’re part of the fabric from day one. Support, friendship, opportunities and inspiration – that’s our bread and butter.



Do you want to teach at your local studio? Do you want to be the next fitness entrepreneur to hit the Rich List? Do you want to open your own studio? Do you want to get, like, really good at Pilates? Whatever you want from your course, and wherever you choose to go, we’re here for it. Chances are, we’ve also seen it before (including that Rich List – shh, we’d never tell), so we can support you as you carve out your path. In fact, we’ve even mapped out some of the most common career pathways so you can follow a well-trodden path, no unnecessary exertion required. Just yellow brick roads from here on.



We know that being an exceptional teacher doesn’t happen overnight. It also isn’t a “one and done” type of activity. It requires continual learning, growth and inspiration. Which is exactly where we come in. Not only do we continuously update our courses to ensure they’re industry-leading and current (no offense, Joseph, but Pilates does need some 2024 revisions). What’s more, you can further your training with Barre Body as your career progresses. With short courses, industry workshops, masterclasses and more, you’ll be in the best of hands to stay at the top of your game.


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