Our inspiration – yoga

At Barre Body, we are inspired by yoga, with the discipline weaving its way into most of our beautiful classes.

Whether it’s a downward facing dog, a series of chaturangas or a lovely savasana at the end of class, yoga is integrated into our classes in a natural, flowing way.

Here are just some of the wonderful benefits of yoga:

  • It’s good for your mind, body and spirit. Yoga isn’t just about working out – it’s about finding your centre and being still in our chaotic world. You can leave your to-do-lists, worries and work at the door, and find peace and clarity through practice.
  • It builds strength and flexibility. Yoga focuses on strength and flexibility training, which has an overall impact on your wellbeing. The poses strengthen your body from the inside out, so you don’t only see the difference in your body, but you feel it too.
  • It increases your blood flow, drains your lymphs and boosts your immunity. Yoga gets your blood moving, which helps your circulation. Also by stretching your muscles, you’re increasing the drainage of your lymphs to help your body fight infections.
  • It helps you focus. Much more than a relaxing class – the strong postures held in yoga help you to focus your mind and achieve your goals.

We love yoga, and many of our beautiful teachers are also yoga instructors who are always more than happy to speak to you about the way it is incorporated into our Barre Body classes.

Barre Body yoga
Barre Body yoga
Barre Body yoga

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