How often should you exercise? (And how?)

How often should you exercise? (And how?)

If there is one question we’re asked more than any other at Barre Body, it is, “How often do I need to be coming to class to see results?” Of course, the answer to which completely depends on exactly what results you’re looking to achieve. Someone brand new to exercise will have different result expectations to an elite athlete. Similarly, a new mum will be looking for different results to a 21-year old student.

However, regardless of individual desires, we find that most people are looking for a few common results from their workouts. That is – increased fitness, better flexibility, great toning and shaping, and the mental clarity that comes from a great workout.

If those are the results looking for, you have come to the right place. Because we have pulled our world-class team together and have poured years of training and development into creating the ultimate workout program, to make sure that you can achieve all of those results, right here at Barre Body. Here’s how.

Come to class 3 to 4 times per week

Yes, we know that the Internet is abuzz with “fitspo,” where the fittest of the bunch are showing off their 6-packs while waxing lyrical about their 3-hour per day workouts. However, unless you’re training for an elite race or competition, you can experience optimum results by attending class 3 or 4 times per week, consistently. Consistency is really the key here – if you’re only making it to one class one week, and trying to make up for it with daily workouts the next, you won’t see the results you’re looking for. A consistent practice with recovery days built into the mix really is the magic formula.


While the temptation may be to schedule in 6 sessions per week, your body will simply stop achieving results after a period of time unless you have days to rest. In fact, too much strenuous exercise can elevate your levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which can accelerate the rate that your cells (and your skin) age. So schedule in those rest days!

Enjoy a mix of classes

Our class styles (Barre, Tone, Barre Cardio, Dance Cardio, Barre Yin, and Yoga and Pilates) have been designed to give your body a mix of exactly what it needs to achieve results. So by incorporating a mix of classes throughout your week, you’ll begin seeing increased fitness, better flexibility, beautiful toning and mental clarity. What’s more – if you’re incorporating a cardio-based class into your week, there is no need for you to do any other exercise, as your Barre Body classes have you covered. As you’ll know, each of our classes incorporate a mix of toning, strength building, endurance, flexibility and savasana (the cherry on top), so you’re getting everything you need. Combined with the incidental exercise you’ll inevitably do each day (walking to the bus, running around after toddlers), you can consider yourself covered.

The Proof

Australia’s Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines recommend adults undertake 150 to 300 minutes (that’s 2.5 to 5 hours) of moderate intensity physical activity, or 75 to 150 minutes (1.25 or 2.5 hours) of vigorous intensity physical activity (or an equivalent mix of both moderate and vigorous activities) each week. They also recommend muscle strengthening activities (exactly what you experience at Barre Body) at least two days a week.

A sample week

The beauty of Barre Body (as well as those addictive results) is that you’ll never get bored with our mix of class styles, and our incredible teachers. Each week could look totally different, however a good starting point is 2 x Barre classes, 1 x Tone or Pilates class and 1 x Cardio class. From there, see what your body loves (and what your schedule allows for), and enjoy your workouts and the results!

We can’t wait to see you soon at one of our beautiful studios