Emma Seibold

Founder & Creator

As founder and creator of Barre Body, Emma Seibold has cemented her place as one of Australia’s leading health and wellness professionals. Having launched the brand’s first studio in Melbourne’s Flinders Lane in 2012, Barre Body has quickly grown to be one of Australia’s favourite workouts.

Beginning her career in marketing, in 2009, Emma left her 10-year corporate life behind to follow her passion for health. Training at schools in New York, India, Sydney, Melbourne and Byron Bay, Emma gained qualifications as a certified yoga teacher, STOTT Pilates certified instructor and holistic health & wellness coach. After founding the cult juice detox program, Urban Remedy Cleanse, Emma welcomed her first child into the world. It was at this time that Emma began discovering the benefits of barre. Having had a strong and dedicated ashtanga yoga practice for 8 years, she decided to take a gentle approach to regain her pre-baby body – by adding barre conditioning work to her yoga practice. Seeing a phenomenal change in the tone and shape of her muscles, she created Barre Body.

With the launch of Barre Body, Emma has created a devoted community who enjoy the strong, flowing, fun and highly effective workout.

Emma leads the Barre Body team with a love that flows through to all the studios and every client touch point with Barre Body. With an enormous passion for all things relating to health and wellness, Emma continues to lead a balanced life – eating well, living well, exercising well, and most importantly, loving well.

Core Team

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