Your favourite Barre Body workouts are now available wherever you are,
whenever you feel like working out.
Whether you’re brand new to exercise, are looking to take your practice to a new level,
or are simply ready to make the most of your beautiful body,
Barre Body Online brings you the best of Barre Body to achieve your goals.


–  Are available 24/7, wherever you have internet access, completely optimised for your device

–  Comprise of everything you need for a well-rounded workout. This includes exercises for Fitness, Flow, Toning and Flexibility

–  Are also suitable if you are prenatal and postnatal, with specific programs just for you

–  Featuring over 100 videos, with a mix of 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45 and 60 minute workouts (with more workouts added regularly to keep you inspired)

–  Can be completed with or without equipment


If you’re looking for a little more direction, you might like to check out our Programs. Specifically designed to deliver you maximum results, you can select a program that is ideal for your needs, and take the guesswork out. Just follow along and watch your body transform!

Starting the Journey

2 weeks
If you’re brand new to Barre Body or are returning to exercise, this is the ideal place to begin.

Quick Fit Fix

2 weeks
When you’re short on time but are high on motivation, tuck into this effective workout sequence, focused on raising your fitness levels and toning in the Barre Body way.

Total Tone

4 weeks
If you’re looking for your best ever body, this is the program for you. Four weeks dedicated to toning, strengthening and lengthening your body.

BodyLove Bootcamp

4 weeks
BodyLove Bootcamp is Barre Body’s signature wellness program. Designed to transform your body, mind and soul, it’s packed full of amazing workouts and wellness tips.


9 months
You’re pregnant – congratulations! Keep fit, healthy and balanced throughout your pregnancy with our complete prenatal workout solution. Designed specifically for pregnancy, you’ll be safe with appropriate workouts and modifications.


3 months
If you’ve welcomed a baby into the world, there’s never been a more important moment to spend some valuable time on you. These gentle but effective workouts are designed for your amazing postnatal body.



Wherever you are, whatever you’re motivated by, and regardless of your goals, let Barre Body be by your side on your fitness and wellbeing journey.