Why Barre Should Be Your Next Course

Barre Teacher Training with Barre Body

Whether it’s your first course or your third, a Barre Teacher Training certification will take you leaping (or should we say grand jetéing?) in the direction of your dreams.

It will come as no surprise that at Barre Body, we’re a little biased when it comes to barre. (Does the name give it away?) Not only because it’s where we all began, but because the workout delivers in spades. Fast paced, highly targeted, deeply effective and all-round enjoyable, we can’t count the times we’ve been told, “I have never experienced a workout that feels this good.”

Beyond being a client favourite, it also happens to be the Teacher Training course we’re most likely to recommend. It goes without saying that Pilates Mat and Reformer Pilates hold firm keys to our hearts, but the benefits of Barre are immense when you’re training to be an instructor, regardless of the style you’re teaching.

The magic of flow

The difference between Pilates Mat and Barre classes is often debated, but in our 10+ years of experience, we believe it’s all about flow. While the muscles may be activated in similar ways and the end result is similar, Barre classes deliver a magical flow that can only be found in a style that originated from ballet. You won’t find tutus or pointe shoes in a Barre class, but you will find seamless transitions and flowing sequences. The result? A moving meditation. Clients feel elegant and inspired throughout your class, as you seamlessly transition them from exercise to exercise. Layering progressions and pulsing to the beat? That’s all part of what makes Barre so addictive.

The teaching expertise

That flow we’ve mentioned? Yes, it feels fantastic. Yes, it delivers outstanding benefits. But it doesn’t come without practice. While other styles of exercise may stop and start, with breaks and clunky transitions, a Barre workout won’t allow that. Which means as a teacher, you’re required to be particularly skilled and expertly practiced. Flowing your clients seamlessly from one exercise into another – often without breaking the beat – is a skill unique to Barre trainees. And regardless of what style you end up teaching in your weekly schedule – from Reformer to Pilates Mat to Personal Training – those skills are highly transferrable (and highly enjoyed by your clients who feel the difference).

The rounding out of your skills

We recently spoke to a graduate (and member of the Bende team!), who has been teaching Reformer and Pilates Mat for years, but recently added Barre to his repertoire. He told us, “This Barre training has completely elevated my teaching. My Reformer classes are now flowing beautifully and I feel re-energised with my mat classes.” With clients raving (we know, we can see the feedback!), we think it’s a win all-round.

The upping of the ante

As well as those seamless transitions, the repertoire learned in a Barre Teacher Training program could be the secret sauce that takes your classes from “go” to “whoa.” With a sprinkle of a Barre sequence in a Pilates Mat class or a layer of Barre exercises in your Reformer flows, it’s a recipe for taking your clients (and your classes) to the next level.

The next big thing?

We may not have our crystal ball at the ready, but if we did, we’d say that Barre is about to be big. With celebrity aficionados (Taylor Swift, we’re looking at you), booming boutique studios popping up in pockets globally, and large gyms discovering the benefits, Barre instructors are as in-demand as ever. Will you be next?

Embark on a Barre Teacher Training with Barre Body.

If you’re looking to learn Barre from the best – whether you’re dipping your toe into the world of teaching or are adding to your toolkit – look to Barre Body. As the pioneers of the barre style of workouts in Australia, Barre Body has gone on to be a globally celebrated barre brand, with thousands of training graduates teaching at classes in every corner of the globe.

Discover where a Barre Teacher Training with Barre Body can take you. Learn in person in Byron Bay or start today, completely online.