4 Mat Pilates Oblique Exercises

Spoiler alert… they’re not ankle taps!

Working the obliques can happen both lateral flexion of the spine, and rotation… These exercises Dani takes you through focus on single sided oblique work in rotation. You can find the full workout here on Barre Body Online.

C Spine abdominals (option to hold a dumbbell and roll into the ball)

This is great prep exercises for you oblique work. You want to make sure your core is fully switched on before targeting specific core muscles, what better way to do that then with a crowd favourite?

C spine abdominals with rotation (1kg weight optional)

Roll and twist with your 1kg weight, and start to engage those obliques!

C spine abdominals with rotation, add the arm extension! (1kg weight optional)

This layer is nice and simple, add a little hold and extend that weighted arm long.

C spine abdominals with rotation, pass the dumbbell! (1kg weight optional)

Hold your abdominal twist and open those arms long. Pass the weight between your hands while trying to stay as still through the torso as you can.

C spine abdominals with rotation, and pulse (1kg weight optional)

Hold your rotation just a little longer, and pulse here. Think about moving on the diagonal, instead of forward and back.

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