5 Pilates Core Exercises

Working your core isn’t as simple as adding chest lifts to the end of your workout. Here’s 5 Pilates Core exercises that will work you core in all the right ways…

These exercises will work all layers of your abdominals. The transverse abdominus, rectus abdominus and internal and external obliques.

Bird dog lifts

Keeping your spine nice and still, begin to feel your transverse abdominus beginning to switch on as you lift and lower.

Knee hover to downward dog

Lifting the knees starts in the lower abdominals, draw up and engage them before you hover your knees.

Side plank hips dips

Move slow and controlled from side to side. Try to avoid bouncing, or using momentum. 

Side plank ice skater

Allow the hip to lower a little as you draw the knee and elbow together, to engage a little deeper into your obliques.

Ball to double leg extension

Optional extras: external rotation through the legs, hands behind head.

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