8 Theraband Exercises

Adding resistance into your mat classes might just be the most underrated class planning tip we’ve heard. Here’s 8 Theraband exercises to build the burn of your class…

The Theraband is one of our favourite props (did someone say reformer without the reformer?), and can add a greater depth to your class by diversifying the way our muscles are moving.

Squat with band extensions

Extend the band at the top and bottom of your squat. Pick your resistance based on how far apart your hands are.

2nd position plié with band behind back

Try to keep the hands and elbows aligned with your torso, to open up through the chest.

Bicep curls

Band under both feet, curl up nice and slowly.

Single leg lift with tricep extension

Hold the resistance of the band through the triceps as you balance to lift the leg.

Banded bridge

Move through your preference of bridges, pulses and single leg variations.

Banded parallel clam

Keep knees stacked at 90 degrees as you lift and lower the top leg.

Banded leg extension

Squeeze the top glute as you fully extend the leg.

Banded roll back

Use the band to engage the armpits and shoulders, adding resistance for the core to roll back through.

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