5 Pilates Ball Exercises

The small pilates ball has a wealth of challenge and support to give. Here’s 5 exercises that utilise the ball in all the best ways…

These exercises use the ball for support, increased range of motion and deeper muscle engagement.

Chest lift with rolling double leg extension

Engage the abdominals as you roll the ball out to a double leg extension and back.

Bird Dog extension with tricep dip

Allow the extension of the ball to make space to lower into your single tricep dip. Leg extension optional.

Oblique lift with side leg lift

The ball here allows for a little extra lift in the upper body. Leg lift optional.

Chest lift with ball behind shoulders

The placement of the ball here allows for a beautiful extra extension through the top of the spine, creating a more challenging version  of the chest lift.

Straight leg criss cross with ball behind shoulders

Continue to use the ball to encourage both flexion and extension as you add the rotation.

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