5 Prenatal Reformer Exercises

Finding exercises to teach pregnant clients can be confusing. Here are 5 of our favourites…

Reminder that every pregnancy feels different, so ensure your clients is comfortable throughout the workout and isn’t doing more then feels good… You can find the full workout here on Barre Body Online.

Serving Arm Circles

Sitting on the short box gives you a little more stability, however you can also sit on your knees or with legs crossed. Whatever is most comfortable!


Heavy springs will add increased pressure to the abdominals, so check in regularly to ensure it feels comfortable.

Tricep press

Ensure you adjust your leg positioning here to make room for your growing belly in a hinged position.


Challenge stability with your foot on the foot plate or step down to the floor if you don’t feel balanced.

Standing Abduction

Add in a side bend if it feels good!

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