5 Standing Barre Exercises

Standing work at the Barre can make some exercises we typically do kneeling, a lot more accessible to those who find kneeling challenging. Here’s 5 standing movements at the Barre…

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Leg Lifts

Stabilise through the spine and pelvis to work the glute as effectively as possible.

Fire Hydrant and Donkey Kick Combination

This combination challenges the range of motion through the hip.

Curtsy Knee Tuck with Oblique Crunch

Build the whole body burn with this curtsy/crunch combo. 

Arm/Leg Lifts and Pulses

Similar to Bird Dog, but with the same side arm/leg. The range of motion is larger than when we’re kneeling, feeling great in the shoulder and hip. 

Ice Skater

Bend and extend through the stabilising leg before lifting into ice skater.

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