Why Every Instructor Should Master Mat Pilates

mat pilates instructor training

Pilates is sort of like potatoes; it starts with a ‘P’ and it comes in many varieties. With potatoes, there’s baked, mashed, roasted, gems, fried. And with Pilates, there’s reformer, mat, clinical, classical, contemporary.

And just like we believe that potato gems are the cornerstone of midnight snacks, we believe Mat Pilates is the cornerstone of mindful movement. It offers a solid foundation not only for your personal practice, but for teachers who want to level up and teach barre and Reformer Pilates.

Now go get your gems out of the oven, as you get to know more about our favourite form of movement.

First, let’s understand the basics of Mat Pilates

Dating back to the early 20th century, Mat Pilates emphasises core strength, balance, posture, flexibility, and mindful breathing — everything we love about working out. It introduces fundamental principles that are crucial for mastering more advanced techniques found in Reformer Pilates and barre. Best of all, its beauty lies in its simplicity and accessibility. (No equipment is required other than a mat and one’s own body weight.)

Why Mat Pilates is perfect for beginner instructors

Starting with Mat Pilates lays down the groundwork for crucial teaching skills, like how to observe and modify exercises for different abilities, as well as the importance of precision and control. It gives you an understanding of the body’s mechanics, anatomy, and how to get the best out of every body.

How Mat Pilates helps Barre teachers

Barre is a workout method that combines ballet, Pilates, and yoga, requiring a deep understanding of alignment, core engagement, and muscle control. Spoiler alert: They’re all skills that can be found by training in Mat Pilates.

Barre is incredibly fast-paced, so by already learning the basics like teaching skills and repertoire in Mat Pilates Training, you’re able to focus on the fun and musicality elements of barre. Additionally, Mat Pilates exercises that focus on posture and core strength translate seamlessly into the barre method, enhancing your ability to teach effectively and safely. Win-win.

How Mat Pilates helps Reformer teachers

Reformer Pilates is similar to Mat Pilates, with the added element of a reformer bed; posing a new challenge and offering additional resistance and variety. But while there’s a big fancy machine taking up floor space instead of a mat, the core principles learned in Mat Pilates remain the same.

Reformer relies heavily on verbal cues — you can’t demonstrate as much if you don’t have access to a reformer bed. Having foundational knowledge around verbal cueing and exercises from Mat Pilates training means you can dedicate your focus to learning springs, colours, and become clear and concise with verbal cueing.

Essentially, feeling accomplished in your Mat Pilates practice ensures you can approach the reformer bed with the same level of confidence. Trust us. Your clients will feel it and your classes will be better off for it.

How to start your journey with Mat Pilates

If you asked us what the most strategic way to build your fitness career is, we’d say start with Mat Pilates. But how to find the right training for you? Do a Google search. Ask your own instructors. Read testimonials. And look for a quality Mat Pilates certification that focuses on foundational principles, anatomy, and teaching methodologies.

Get to know Barre Body’s Mat Pilates Teacher Training

Our Mat Pilates Teacher Training is the first step towards a fulfilling career in fitness and wellness. It teaches you the fundamentals, but also how to teach, guiding others on their journey to strength, flexibility, and mindfulness. (Ommmmm.)

Not only can you build an entire career around Mat Pilates, but you can also use it as a stepping stone to more specialised forms of movement. (Barre x Pilates fusion classes? Coming right up.) Because once you’ve mastered the mat, transitioning to other disciplines like barre or reformer Pilates becomes a seamless (and exciting!) journey of deepening expertise and expanding horizons. How we love that for you.

Ready to take the next step?

Mat Pilates is so much more than a beginner’s exercise regimen; it is the bedrock upon which barre and reformer Pilates is built. Its principles echo through every movement, every class, and every instruction, guiding practitioners and teachers alike towards a more profound, impactful practice.

For those looking to make their mark in the world of Pilates and barre, it all begins with the foundational practices of Mat Pilates. Explore the depths of Pilates, refine your practice, and discover how you can inspire and empower others on their fitness journeys through the Barre Body Mat Pilates Teacher Training. Click the link to learn more and sign up.