Advanced Teaching Certification

Are you ready to advance your reformer Pilates career?


You are already a dedicated Pilates teacher. You may have completed your first teacher training 20 years ago or two years ago, but you know you want more. You have a thirst for learning and a deep passion for Pilates. You want to be the very best teacher that you can be. You want to drink in the knowledge and put it into practice in your teaching.

Please note: This course is for experienced and qualified Reformer Pilates instructors who are looking to advance their teaching. If you are not yet Reformer trained, we encourage you to start with the Reformer Pilates Teacher Training.


Our Advanced Teaching Certification goes beyond the technicalities of Pilates exercises, diving deep into the skills that help you master the craft of teaching itself: holding the room, applying modifications, deeply understanding anatomy, developing your voice, as well as learning to skillfully teach instructing more advanced exercises to your clients.

Taught by experts, it’s an online, self-paced course that goes above and beyond what you’ve come to expect from a teaching certification. Join the waitlist and get personally notified when it goes live. Any day now.

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