Get to know scholarship winner, Radhia

Radhia Shafi isn’t your regular run-of-the-mill 23-year-old. Whether she’s baking up a storm in her spare time or bettering her mental health through movement, this speech pathologist-come-creative-whiz is determined to make the most of her love of barre – and love for life. Join us as we congratulate our final round of scholarship winners for 2022. They’re pretty impressive, to say the least.

Radhia, welcome! We’re so glad you could speak with us. Tell us a little about yourself…

My name is Radhia, I’m 23 years old and a speech pathologist by profession. I love exploring and learning creative and kinaesthetic activities/hobbies. Hence apart from fitness, I also read, write, crochet and bake.

A woman of many talents! (In case, you were wondering… choc fudge brownies are our kryptonite). But back to business: what is it that you love about barre?

I struggle with anxiety and exercising – specifically barre – has always helped me achieve a state of mindfulness and calmness to deal with it. Plus being from a brown lineage (aka, having wider hips) and having a sweet tooth, barre also helps me feel empowered in my own body.

Sweet tooths represent! (Did we mention we like brownies?) Now, what are you most excited for about the training?

The ideology and community Barre Body has is amazing. I think I hit the jackpot with this scholarship, as I’ll get to learn and be mentored in such a positive and nurturing environment.

I’m also so excited to become a certified barre instructor. Ever since I started barre, I’ve always known I want to teach it. Not only do I get a chance to share this with others, but I get a chance of doing something I love as a career as well!

Well, the feeling is mutual – we feel like we hit the jackpot finding you! What does movement mean to you, Radhia?

Movement for me is grounding, liberating and strengthening. Even as a child I have memories of dancing, trying to be a ballerina. Then it became a way for me to help with my mental health.

We couldn’t agree more. The power of movement is so underrated. What impact do you hope your story will have on your community?

Exercise doesn’t always have to be intense and require equipment. I want people to know that barre is fun and accepting no matter what your goals are or what size you are. Barre can help you with that and make it fun at the same time!

Fun is our second favourite F word (after fudge brownies, obviously). Thanks for chatting, Radhia. We’re so excited to play a part in kick-starting your career.

Is Barre your one true love? Have you always aspired to be an expert teacher? Are you facing obstacles – financial pressures, mental blocks, time restraints – and need extra support? We’ve got you. 

Our 2023 Teacher Training Scholarship applications are open and give you the choice of Barre, Pilates Mat or Reformer Pilates training. We review applicants quarterly, so you can apply right now, next month, or whenever your heart desires. The choice is yours. (And the pleasure is ours!)