Spotlight on scholarship winner, Antonia

Don’t think serving in the Air Force goes hand in hand with squats? Hold tight a tic… Antonia Guterres is here to challenge the stereotype (and get a giggle from her clients in the process). After overcoming a debilitating back injury, the bubbly foodie-come-flying-enthusiast is keen to teach her colleagues about the power of Pilates, which she credits for healing and strengthening her body. Needless to say, we’re big fans (sorry, occupational hazard) of our 2022 Teacher Training Scholarship winner. Let’s dive right in…

Hello, Antonia. It’s an honour to speak with you. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Antonia. I am 28-years-old and am from Brisbane, QLD. I have an amazing partner, Brett, and we have a fur baby pupper called Milo. Off my mat, I am a current serving member in the Royal Australian Air Force. My job really takes a toll on the body, so Pilates is a vital part of keeping myself strong, mobile, happy and healthy! I am lucky as I get to travel for my job and experience places on the globe I never really knew existed. I am a huge foodie and have the biggest sweet tooth! I love to bring positive energy to a group and to make people laugh.

Sounds like we’re one and the same! Core work balances out the almond croissants, right? So, what is it that attracted you to Barre Body?

Barre Body seemed unparalleled in their field and there was no other brand/company I wanted to go through for my Pilates training.

Stop, we’re blushing. And why does the scholarship mean so much to you?

For myself and my colleagues, the tax our jobs have on our bodies is crazy! This scholarship will give me the opportunity to facilitate Pilates within my workplace to help to strengthen and mobilise my workforce so we can keep flying! I work in a heavily male-dominated work-force and most of my colleagues have never tried Pilates before, so I am so excited to introduce this means of movement to them.

Now on a more personal note – what does the word ‘movement’ spark in you?

Movement is everything. I grew up a classically trained Ballerina until I was 16-years-old then had to quit due to a back injury. Pilates helped me get back on track and strengthen my core to allow my back to heal over a few years. Anyone that has experienced a back injury can attest to how debilitating it is. Fast forward 10 years, I am happy, healthy and incorporate Pilates and movement to my everyday practice and have never looked back!

We’re so glad to hear that. What are you most excited to get out of the training?

I am really excited to delve more into anatomy – this has always interested me!

Fun. And what impact do you hope that your story has on your community?

I want to spread how beneficial and healing Pilates can be to my workforce. I want to facilitate weekly classes for my colleagues to help get their bodies and minds back in check! Fast forward years down the track, I am excited to see how this progresses.

We’re excited too, Antonia. You deserve a big round of applause.

Is Pilates your thing? Have you always aspired to be an expert teacher? Are you facing obstacles – financial pressures, mental blocks, time restraints – and need extra support? We’ve got you. 

Our 2022 Teacher Training Scholarship applications are open and give you the choice of Barre, Pilates Mat or Reformer Pilates training. We review applicants quarterly, so you can apply right now, next month, or whenever your heart desires. (So what are you waiting for? Go, go, go!)

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